How it works

Depending on the consumption profile you will have entered, the tariff comparison tool will simulate the monthly bill corresponding to this profile by using the tariff plans of the operators currently active on the Belgian market.

The result of this simulation is displayed in the form of a list sorted out by monthly cost by mentioning additional information such as:

 For more information on the use of the comparison tool of  tariffs, you can consult the page “How it works” of the tabs on fixed telephony, mobile telephony broadband internet or bundles (combined offers of fixed, mobile telephony, Internet and/or television): 

Please note that a certain number of methodological choices had to be made to ensure satisfactory working of the tariff simulator. International roaming falls without the scope of the tariff simulator. Just as in other tariff simulators, international roaming is therefore not taken into account in the calculations. Moreover, the tool does not integrate the former tariff plans, the possible migration costs between operators or connection costs beyond installation charges or quality of service aspects that have to be additionally checked (coverage, connection timelines or periods to eliminate defects, assistance service, real speed of the Internet connection, etc.). For more information on this subject, we propose you to consult to the available information on the websites of the operators.