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Conditions for use (liability)

The objective of BIPT tariff simulator is strictly informative. The results obtained by its use are communicated by BIPT for information only and are based on the data transmitted to that end by network and/or electronic communication services providers. The information thus gathered is general and depends on the information fed in the application by the user. They do not necessarily reflect the specific situation of the user who is requested to directly consult the operators active on the electronic communications market if he wishes to obtain more precise information or information specifically adapted to his personal situation.

The Institute disclaims all responsibility in the event that the results delivered by the tariff comparison tool would not actually correspond to the most advantageous tariff schemes for the user, or if the results delivered by the application software do not correspond to the tariffs and supply conditions of electronic communications networks or services effectively applied by operators. The results delivered by the simulator are only intended to help users in their search for the most appropriate tariff plan to their usage profile, and this by giving them a first indication of tariff plans that could have a high degree of correspondence with their consumption habits, as they described them by means of the data fed in the application software. The tariff simulator users are requested to check at operators the accuracy of the results delivered by the application software, and the relevance of the proposals included in the list of the tariff plans listed by the application software.

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